With a wealth of experience teaching organizations of all sizes, I understand that empowering everyone from leaders to frontline staff is crucial for boosting your bottom line. By honing in on problem-solving techniques and tackling challenges in both personal and professional spheres, I help unleash the full potential of your workforce. Offering keynotes, workshops, and hands-on training, I specialize in conflict resolution – the most pressing issue faced by companies today. Let's collaborate to identify your organization's unique needs and watch the impressive results unfold.

Personal Relationship

Discover the transformative power of the Savage Theory of Resolution in resolving conflicts among couples. This groundbreaking approach emphasizes curiosity, attitude, master listening, connection, and reframing to foster effective communication. Witness real-world examples of couples successfully implementing this theory, overcoming obstacles and strengthening their bond. By embracing these vital conflict resolution skills, couples can navigate challenges together, ensuring happy and healthy relationships. Experience the lasting impact of the Savage Theory of Resolution and unlock the full potential of your partnership.

Mediation Services

Where it all began, mediation work that helps people find their own solutions and transforms lives! Schedule local and online mediations. I and my team mediate domestic, business and family crisis situations.

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