Your intimate relationship is capable of healing and elevating

Your intimate relationship is, hands down, the most important relationship you have in this life. Refining your talking skills (aka, conflict skills) can create a super dome of protection and even elevate a relationship, even in a resistant, stale or broken state.

Parents have influence unlike ever before

Parenting is a balancing act of scrambling for the next move and appearing like you have it all together. Building your conflict skills equalizes the mystery and minefields that empower you to have a better conversation and influence without lecturing.

How business leaders yield dividends

By encouraging strong relationships at home, leaders can create an unstoppable force that benefits all - from improved motivation, productivity and loyalty, to increased revenue for the company. Investing in people will always yield dividends.

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Better Business Bureau client of Karleen Savage

"Frontline, Midlevel or Leadership. All The Tools You Need To Build Greater Success During Conflict

As a former leader at a software company, I can guarantee most people do not know these refined skills. Karleen has found something special and has great knowledge. This is a program that needs to be shared with the world. If you are a corporate leader, I highly recommend you bring Karleen in to share the Savage Theory of Resolution with your leaders. The entire corporation will benefit from the skills your leaders learn."

- J. Hunt-

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With so many choices, which one works the best in conflict.

Develop the attitude that works under pressure.

Master Listening
Uncover the power of this truth serum to come to agreeable solutions when faced with opposing views.

Use authenticity to create meaningful, powerful connections and persuasively influence outcomes.

Bring your thoughts and boundaries together to make decisions.


Get the 5 skills now!

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