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Just Ask!

Hosted by: Karleen Savage

Karleen is a trailblazer in the realm of relationships. As the creator of the Savage Theory of Resolution®, a five-skills model that can be used to resolve any conflict, she simplifies the mysterious world of...


20 things you don't need to apologize for

Season #2 Episode #19

Ahhh, instead of being in our heads about how to do things right or how to blend in, what if we just don't apologize for it. Here are 20 things you don't need to apologize for and how my daughters and friends taught me.
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Why don't we get along with in-laws

Season #2 Episode #20

Just because it's common, doesn't mean we have to accept it. Listen as I walk through the way it used to be for me and the way I sorted through it using conflict resolution.
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Why does marriage counseling fail

Season #2 Episode #21

A very large organization said counseling success is extremely low, what can we do? I say, does the user understand the purpose of counseling when they use it? Come find out the difference and know how to use them.
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Marriage is easy when there is no cheating

Season #2 Episode #22

A beautiful woman went bold and told her truth. Marriage is easier when there is no cheating. I walk you through how a conflict resolution expert processes before, during and after responding.
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3 must have life skills to teach children and seek in marriage

Season #2 Episode #23

It's those wee hours of the morning between wake up and REM that I was reminded of these 3 skills we should be teaching to our children and develop in our marriages.
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5 Tips to making marriage work as we age

Season #2 Episode #24

A listener asked, "Karleen, What works in a marriage when we aren't exactly like we used to be?" After more than 30 years of watching my own marriage and so many others, I share 5 of the top activities you can do to...
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What to say when I'm wrong but feeling prideful

Season #2 Episode #25

Dang it, I hate when I am holding pride or shame at the same time that he's right!! Listen to how I have responded to get around that and still slow myself from running.
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24 Affirmations for Marriage

Season #2 Episode #26

I'm not an affirmation girl because I have a hard time saying something my mind and heart don't believe. But take a listen to how I turn this idea on its head and it works for me. If you're like me, it might work for...
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Brene Brown, Jim Rogan and Spotify

Season #2 Episode #27

How to start thinking in a resolution state of mind. Here I walk through a few thoughts about the heated discussion happening with Brene cancelling her podcast based on the vaccine, Joe Rogan making statements about...
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What should Spotify do about Brown, Rogan, musicians etc

Season #2 Episode #28

Dang, this Brene Brown, Joe Rogan, musicians and Spotify situation is a clear case of playing in the sandbox. If you want to see resolution in play, see how it applies to you, here is what I say Spotify should do...
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Truth, We love conflict and I'll prove it

Season #2 Episode #29

This is a truth serum, we like conflict. But there is another side of this and how you can begin having a resolution state of mind.
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Her son and his friends were fighting, now what?

Season #2 Episode #30

He said, "Mom, This is how guys work out their problems; we fight". She asked me, is there another way, and here was my response for a #resolutionstateofmind
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